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Our Inspiration

Marcia Miles was diagnosed with leukemia in 1981, at age 10. She battled her disease with courage, strength, a sense of humor, and much compassion for the other children she met at the hopital. After a year fighting cancer, Marcia wished to see the ocean. Her family and community rallied around her and Marcia did make it to Florida and to her dream come true.

After her brief frolic by the sea, 11-year-old Marcia announced with all the authority she could muster ‘I’m going Home tomorrow!’ And indeed she did. On August 3, 1982, Marcia Rene Miles died of cancer in a hospital in Venice, FL, surrounded by a family who loved her very much. 

(Miles family pictured above in 1981 just before Marcia was diagnosed with cancer.)

Our History
Marcia's parents, Jim and Connie Miles, continued her compassion for kids with cancer by supporting other families still facing childhood cancer. In 1984, this became a full-time calling for them and HIS KIDS as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization was born. Since that time, HIS KIDS has grown to serve approximately 2000 people annually with events and client services operating year-round.

Mission: Our mission is to decrease the devastation of childhood cancer families through support programs, emotional health services, and emergency assistance.


Vision: We envision all childhood cancer families having opportunities to gain hope, stability, and tools to move through the process of surviving obstacles to striving for a “new normal” to thriving as productive and happy individuals and families. H.I.S. K.I.D.S. Inc. will continue to be a leader in pioneering programs that offer these opportunities to an ever-expanding network of affected families.

Values & Beliefs: We understand the unfortunate reality of childhood cancer and believe that positive outcomes are possible within that reality. We believe that diagnosis of childhood cancer is permanently life-changing for the entire family. For this reason, service should continue from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and beyond.
We value faith, compassion, sincerity, dependability, service to others, pursuit of excellence,and integrity. We endeavor to instill a sense of these values in our programming and operations as well as in those we serve.


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