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The Smile Squad
What's the value of a smile when you're fighting for your life?
What's it worth to laugh in the midst of your struggles? 
For our kids with cancer, it's everything.

Our mission is to help childhood cancer families to find joy anyway-even in the midst of their toughest fight. Now, people just like you are helping to make that joy a reality by joining the Smile Squad monthly giving community. By supporting our kids monthly, for any amount, you are not only creating smiles- you're changing their lives. 

To join this community, simply use the link below and select the donation amount and frequency you choose.  Donate quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. 


The Smile Squad is a community of passionate & determined monthly givers who are changing the lives of kids with cancer & their families. 


They are people like you,

giving any amount they can,

who are dedicated to helping these kids. 

Why do people join?

"My family has committed to give a monthly gift to HIS Kids through the Smile Squad community because the weight of a childhood cancer diagnosis  is far too heavy for any family to carry alone. We want to be a source of joy, hope and security for childhood cancer families."

-Bri, Luke, & Birklee Thomas

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