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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Camp HIS KIDS cost?

Camp HIS KIDS is provided completely FREE OF CHARGE to all campers and LITs.  This includes meals, lodging, all activities, and transportation to and from the hospital during the week of camp (if needed), and tons of fun!

How old do I need to be to attend Camp HIS KIDS?​

Children with cancer and siblings of children with cancer ages 7-17 are invited to apply for Camp HIS KIDS.  Campers should be ages 7-14 as of the first day of camp.  Leaders in Training (LITs) should be ages 15-17 as of the first day of camp.  Volunteers ages 17+ are also invited to apply for volunteer positions.  For more information and to apply, visit the Apply Now page.

Where is Camp HIS KIDS located?

Camp HIS KIDS is located at the facilities at Camp Wartburg in Waterloo, Illinois.  HIS KIDS rents Camp Wartburg’s facilities for the week bringing in our own specially trained staff and counselors

How long is camp and what are the dates for Camp HIS KIDS 2024?

Camp HIS KIDS overnight camp is scheduled for July 14-19, 2024 for campers & LITs. Volunteers arrive at camp on July 13 and stay until July 19. 

​What are the sleeping arrangements at Camp HIS KIDS?

Cabin groups are separated by age, gender, and designated camp.  For example, sibling boys ages 7-10 may be placed in the same cabin room to sleep, while girls who are cancer patients ages 11-14 will be in a separate cabin room.  This does change if there are not enough campers for a particular cabin group. For example, if there are only 2 younger siblings boys, they would combine with the younger treatment boys and just be the "younger boys" cabin for the week.  The Group Leader and Counselors for your child’s assigned cabin will also be sleeping in the cabin room with their campers.  All cabins are air-conditioned and have bathroom facilities with showers.  Campers sleep in bunk beds, so please let us know if your child would prefer top or bottom bunk and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

​What if I need medicine, blood draws or treatment while I’m at Camp HIS KIDS?

No problem!  We have a staff of registered nurses, run by our pediatric oncology camp charge nurse, who administer medications, draw needed labs, and coordinate treatment schedules for camp.  If your child needs to leave camp to go to their hospital for treatment, we provide transportation to the hospital, free of charge.  Just make sure you bring all needed medications, dressing change supplies, lab draw supplies, and any other needed medical equipment to camp with your child and our nurses will take care of them!

My child is currently undergoing cancer treatment.  What can you tell me about camp to help me feel a little more comfortable about sending them to Camp HIS KIDS for a week?

Camp HIS KIDS is run by a staff of dedicated volunteers and camp directors.  Each activity at camp is therapeutically designed to meet the emotional and social needs of our campers as well as the physical ones.  These activities are planned by our highly trained Camp Directors including an art therapist, counselor, recreation specialist, and an early childhood education specialist.  Our volunteer staff receives a lot of training in order to best care for our campers and LITs.  We have pediatric oncology nurses on staff at camp 24/7 to meet the medical needs of all campers, LITs and volunteers.  We do our best to ensure that this camp experience is the best it can be for children on treatment (as well as those in remission or siblings of children with cancer!).  Because of our great volunteer staff and 35 years of experience, Camp HIS KIDS has been named “Best Special Needs Camp” in the St. Louis Area in both 2005 and 2010 by Variety, the Children’s Charity of St. Louis.

My brother or sister has cancer, not me.  Can I still come to Camp HIS KIDS?

Absolutely!  We have an entire camp just for siblings of children with cancer, ages 7-17.  Siblings get the opportunity to share their experiences with other siblings of children with cancer, all while having a blast with their new friends!

What is the time commitment to volunteer at Camp HIS KIDS?

Camp HIS KIDS volunteers are required to stay at camp for the entire week, with the exception of day nurse volunteers and day volunteers.  Depending on the volunteer assignment, volunteers will arrive Saturday morning or afternoon, July 13, and all full-week volunteers will depart the early evening of Friday, July 19.  Day nurses can come any day Sunday-Thursday the week of camp.  Be sure to fill out all required paperwork in order to become a camp volunteer or day nurse by visiting our Apply Now page. 

What are the requirements for Camp HIS KIDS volunteers?

Camp volunteers are required to fill out all needed paperwork, provide a copy of their insurance card, and abide by the Camp HIS KIDS rules and volunteer policies.  Camp volunteers are encouraged to participate in our pre-camp fundraisers and to raise a minimum of $200 to cover camp costs. (except nurses and day volunteers) Cell phones & other internet-capable electronic devices are not permitted in cabins with campers & LITs for the safety and protection of minors at camp.  For more information on volunteer requirements, visit our Volunteer page.   

What kinds of activities will I be doing at Camp HIS KIDS?

Campers will get to go swimming every day while at camp.  They also get to do arts and crafts, team building, archery, tie-dye, go fishing, go on nature hikes, enjoy s’mores at the campfires, and lots more!  We have a lot of fun at Camp HIS KIDS!

What exactly does being a Leader in Training (LIT) mean? What do LITs do at Camp HIS KIDS?

​LITs find a place to learn what it means to be a counselor for children on treatment and their siblings and a leader in their school or community.  They also get a week to participate in fun activities (like a high ropes course, team building, and more!), share their own feelings and make friends that last a lifetime!  LITs get to do lots of training and fun activities while learning how to become a leader in the community!

What kind of food do we eat at Camp HIS KIDS?

A lot of our campers, LITs and volunteers love the food at camp!  A typical camp meal consists of an entree, several choices for side dishes, and dessert.  At lunch and dinner, we typically have a salad bar and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for those who do not like the meal option.  At breakfast, we have a selection of various flavors of cereal along with the breakfast choices.  Types of food we eat at camp include grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, tacos, and lots of yummy side dishes and desserts!  If you have a special diet need (peanut-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.), don’t worry!  We are able to accommodate those needs.  Just be sure to indicate your diet needs on your application when you apply!

Who will be taking care of my children while they are at Camp HIS KIDS?

Your child will be in the very capable hands of our 50+ Camp HIS KIDS volunteers.  Camp HIS KIDS volunteers are dedicated, responsible individuals, who have a passion for working with children affected by cancer.  Your child will be in an assigned cabin group with one Group Leader (ages 21+), and 1-3 counselors (ages 17+).  The number of volunteers assigned to a particular group depends on the size and needs of the group.  We have a staff of activity team members who plan and execute all activities at camp as well as support staff, camp nurses, and camp team leaders.  Many of our camp volunteers are teachers, counselors, medical professionals, and nurses or nursing students.  Combined, our camp volunteers have over 200+ years of Camp HIS KIDS volunteer experience.

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