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Holiday Meal Items Still Needed

The holiday season is upon us and we're busy planning all of our holiday programs here at HIS KIDS!
Thanksgiving food donations were a huge success! We were able to give more than 2,000 pounds of food to our families! 

With Christmas coming soon, we're now collecting for Christmas boxes. Goodies to make some holiday favorites as well as kid snacks and food pantry staples to help the families through Christmas break. 
If you would like to provide any of the food, let us know what items you want to donate asap and we'll take them off the list. 
We'll need everything to our office by Dec 12 and we're happy to arrange delivery in Highland, pick-up, or to take amazon packages sent our way (700 13th St, Highland, IL 62249) 

Items Needed 

•    6 boxes stuffing
•    9 boxes instant mashed potatoes 
•    16 boxes other potato mix (au gratin, scalloped, etc.) 
•    17 packets/jars of gravy 
•    12 boxes of chicken stock 
•    16 cans of creamed corn 
•    4 packets Ranch seasoning 
•    11 boxes of hot chocolate packets or powder mix 
•    6 packets of cornbread or biscuit mix
•    20 cans cherry pie filling 
•    5 graham cracker pie crusts
•    30 packages Jello chocolate pudding mix 
•    20 packages Jello no-bake cheesecake mix  
•    11 bottles of ranch dressing 
•    1 bottle of italian dressing  
•    2 cans of pineapple rings 
•    6 packages/bags of sugar cookie mix 
•    Christmas-shape cookie cutters (need 46 cutters) 
•    Cookie decorations-sprinkles, etc. (need 28) 
•    6 tubs of white icing
•    11 tubs of chocolate, white, cream cheese, etc. icing (any kind) 
•    8 jars of peanut butter 
•    10 cans pre-made pasta (chef boyardi style) 
•    12 chicken helper or hamburger helper 
•    22 small cans of chicken (or 11 of the bigger cans) 
•    11 tuna helper 
•    17 knorr pasta sides 
•    4 dried pasta bags
•    14 jars of pasta sauce 
•    13 boxes of crackers-ritz, saltine, etc. 
•    257 bags of assorted individual size chips 
•    14 boxes of fruit snacks 

* 6 boxes of Pop-Tarts 

* 14 boxes or bags of cereal 

Thanks so much for helping our families to have a very Merry Christmas! 

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