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Camp HIS KIDS Week-long Volunteer Application

Enter your name below as you would like it to appear on your nametag

Can you commit to the entire week of camp scheduled July 13-19, 2024?
Do you have a valid driver's license?
Has your driver's license ever been suspended or revoked?
Do you use tobacco products?
If yes, are you willing to give this up entirely for one week?
Have you ever been criminally charged, terminated from any employment or volunteer service, or had any employment or authorization to hold a volunteer position denided, for reasons relating to allegations of actual or attempted sexual discriminations, harassment, exploitation, or misconduct; physical or sexual abuse of a child; or financial misconduct?
Is there any fact or circumstance involving you or your background that would call into question you being entrusted with the responsibilities of the position for which you are applying?
Do you consent to a criminal background check prior to camp?


Have you or one of your siblings ever had cancer?
Are you able and willing to engage in the long hours (12+ hour days) and a physically demanding schedule that is required during your week at camp?
Do you have a central line?
Do you have any condition/s that would prevent you from picking up/carrying a child or pushing a wheel chair?
Are you CPR trained and certified?
Are you lifeguard trained and certified?
Are you currently under treatment for any medical or mental health issues which could prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities as a Camp HIS KIDS volunteer?

In case of emergency, which hospital would you prefer to be taken to?

List any medications (below) that you will be taking at camp and would like our health staff to know about in case of an emergency

List any allergies below (inc. meds/food/animals/insect stings, etc.) and please note the severity of the reaction. 

List any dietary restrictions and/or special food needs below.

Medical Conditions: Check those that apply

Please use the space below to provide details on items checked and/or to report medical conditions not listed that you would like us to know about

Have you ever had...
If you have not had chicken pox, have you been vaccinated for it?
Immunization information. Check all that apply as yes
Will you receive any vaccinations in the 30 days prior to camp?
Have you been exposed to anyone with tuberculosis in the past 3 weeks?
If yes, have you since obtained a negative TB test result or chest x-ray?
Even for those volunteers who are fully vaccinated, we MAY require everyone to be tested for COVID within 3 days prior to camp and show proof of a negative COVID result upon arrival at camp. Are you willing and able to obtain a PCR test administered by a medical professional (antigen or self-administered tests will not be accepted) and bring your negative test results to camp?


The following 5 items apply only to new volunteers and to those who have not volunteered in the past 5 years. If this does NOT apply to you, scroll through these 5 items and continue below. 

1. How did you learn about becoming a Camp HIS KIDS volunteer?

2. Why do you want to be a HIS KIDS volunteer?

3. Describe any experience, training, education, or abilities you have which will help you  in your role at camp

4. Is there anything else we should know about you that will be helpful to us when we select Camp HIS KIDS volunteers?

5. Please list 3 references, including relationships to you, how long you have known the, and their contact information.


All applications, including new volunteers, please continue and complete below. Click SUBMIT at the end to complete your application when done. 

Please upload a photo file of your driver's license or state issued ID card below. NOTE: If you don't attach anything to these 2 questions, your application won't submit.

Upload File- license or ID

Please upload a photo of your medical insurance card below. NOTE- if you do NOT have medical insurance, this will not affect your eligibility to volunteer, but please note that in the space below so that we can update that in your emergency information.

Upload file-insurance card

Please upload a copy/photo of your vaccination card/s here. 

Upload file-vaccine card

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for those children and youth who participate in our programs, this form is to be completed by all applicants involved in the supervision or custody of minors (ages 18 and under).  We have profound legal and moral obligations to reduce the possibility of child abuse from ever occurring.  Adults who have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse should not volunteer service in any HIS KIDS sponsored activity or program for children or youth.  The information obtained through this application will remain confidential and only be seen by personnel needing to review this record for the HIS KIDS program or in the case of a legal investigation.

I verify that the information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and that there is nothing in my history which would call into question the legality or safety of me working with minors in this program

Make sure you hit the submit button below! Once you submit it, we will email you within 2 business days to confirm that we got it. If you don't hear from us, email or call/text to doublecheck that it went through. Thanks so much!! 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch within a couple weeks regarding your application.

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