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HK@Home Camp 2020 Volunteer Application

Please complete and click the "submit" button at the bottom if you would like to help at Camp 2020 in some way as a camp volunteer.

How would you like your name to appear on your camp name tag?

Please indicate all ways that you would like to help at Camp 2020

Volunteer Options: Feel free to choose more than one! (First choices taken into account but not guaranteed)

If you would like to help with something else or clarify anything from above, make comments/questions/notes below. 

Do you have a valid driver's license?
Has your driver's license ever been suspended or revoked?
Have you ever been terminated from any employment or service in a volunteer position, or had employment or authorization to hold a volunteer position denied, for reasons relating to allegations of actual or attempted sexual discrimination, harassment, exploitation, or misconduct; physical or sexual abuse of a child; or financial misconduct?
Is there any fact or circumstance involving you or your background that would call into question you being entrusted with the responsibilities of the position for which you are applying?

How many years have you previously volunteered at Camp HIS KIDS?

How did you hear about Camp HIS KIDS?

Please upload a copy or photo of your driver's license or state issued ID card below.

License/ID Upload

I verify that the information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for those children and youth who participate in our programs, this form is to be completed by all applicants involved in the supervision or custody of minors (ages 18 and under).  We have profound legal and moral obligations to reduce the possibility of child abuse from ever occurring.  Adults who have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse should not volunteer service in any HIS KIDS sponsored activity or program for children or youth.  The information obtained through this application will remain confidential and only be seen by personnel needing to review this record for the HIS KIDS program or in the case of a legal investigation.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch in the coming weeks with more information and next steps. 

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