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Experience a life-changing week at camp and make friends that last a lifetime

Become a Camp HIS KIDS Volunteer!

Camp HIS KIDS volunteers are dedicated, responsible individuals, ages 17+, who have a passion for working with children affected by cancer.  These individuals need to be able to commit to volunteering for the entire week of camp (this includes staying overnight), and they are expected to abide by all Camp HIS KIDS rules and policies detailed below.  

To become a camp volunteer, please visit our Apply Now page to fill out an application.  If you have any questions about becoming a Camp HIS KIDS volunteer, please contact HIS KIDS Executive Director and Camp HIS KIDS Director, Jayme Bellamy, at (618) 654-4020 or


Volunteer Positions

Group Leaders & Counselors: Group Leaders are volunteers ages 21+ who are in charge of an assigned cabin group for the week.  Counselors are volunteers ages 17+ who report directly to the Group Leaders.  These responsible individuals should show strong leadership and communication skills.  Both Group Leaders and Counselors work together to ensure a positive camp experience for their assigned campers!  There are opportunities to be Group Leaders and Counselors for both the Treatment and Sibling sides of camp.  No previous camp volunteer experience is required for these positions, however participation in our training weekend is a must.

LIT (Leader In Training) Program Trainers: LIT Trainers are volunteers ages 21+ who have a passion for working with teens.  LIT Trainers should be strong communicators and individuals who are comfortable speaking in a group setting.  LIT Trainers participate and lead many team-building exercises (including a high ropes course), and aid in conducting educational training sessions for our teen Leaders in Training(ages 15-17).  These individuals should be self-motivated and responsible.  There are opportunities for both men and women to be LIT Trainers.  We typically select individuals who have been previous Camp HIS KIDS volunteers for this role, due to the nature of the program.

Activity Team: Activity Team members are typically volunteers ages 21+.  These individuals should be creative, energetic, self-motivated and willing to learn!  Activity Team members lead activities such as archery, fishing, team building, tie dye, campfires and games.  These individuals work hard to ensure that all camp activities are fun and organized for our campers!  Previous camp volunteer experience is not required to be a member of the Activity Team.  

Support Staff: Support Staff members should be volunteers ages 21+ who are hard-working, responsible, and self-motivated.  These individuals do a lot of the “behind the scenes” logistics to help make Camp HIS KIDS run smoothly.  Examples of Support Staff responsibilities are: helping prep & serve meals, replenishing and delivering snacks and water to various areas of camp, doing camp laundry daily, providing transportation for campers and labs needing to go to and from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center and Mercy Children’s Hospital, and transporting campers to and from different areas of camp.


Camp Nurses: Must be a Registered Nurse with a valid nursing license to apply.  We prefer nurses who have pediatric oncology experience, but all registered nurses are invited to apply.  At camp, nurses administer medications to campers & LITs, draw labs and provide central line care, train volunteer staff on medical topics, and provide first aid to campers, LITs and volunteer staff.  They also have the opportunity to participate in activities throughout the week with our campers and LITs.  There are opportunities for nurses to be at camp for the full week as well as for one day.

Smile Squad: The Smile Squad is a group of volunteers who love to take photos and videos!  Smile Squad volunteers can come for the entire week or for a day.  Smile Squad volunteers should bring their own photography/video equipment with them to camp.  You do not need to be a professional photographer to join our Smile Squad.  Smile Squad members will receive a special Camp HIS KIDS t-shirt upon arriving at camp.  Smile Squad members are expected to share their photos/videos with Smile Squad Coordinator before leaving camp.  We are looking for volunteers who have experience working with Photoshop and Video Editing Software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc.) to come to camp and help with our camp video.  


Please visit the Apply Now page to volunteer today!


Volunteer Policies

Cell Phone & Electronics Policy: Cell phones and other internet-capable electronic devices are not permitted in cabins with campers & LITs at camp. We ask that all in-cabin volunteers (Group Leaders & Counselors) leave these devices at home during camp week. Or, if you prefer to bring these items, they can be safely stored with the Camp Director during the week or in your car.  If for any reason you need to be contacted for emergency reasons while at camp, please give your family and friends the HIS KIDS emergency phone number (618) 654-4020.  This policy is in effect so that we may provide the most positive physical and emotional experience for our campers while complying with the best practices of the American Camping Association.

Fundraising Policy: There is no cost for volunteers to attend camp, but all volunteers are encouraged to help raise funds to cover the costs of their food and lodging for the week.

$200 is the approximate cost we pay Camp Wartburg for your personal meals and bed for the week of camp.  We will be holding a raffle and other fundraising options prior to camp, and we would love it if you would like to help.


Responsibility Policy:  Camp HIS KIDS volunteers are responsible for the emotional and physical care of seriously ill children.  Because of the extreme level of trust given to each volunteer by HIS KIDS staff, campers, parents, and hospital personnel; behavior outside of camp HIS KIDS that is inappropriate for this trust will be taken into account when assigning volunteer positions.  This could include (but is not limited to): inappropriate/irresponsible behavior with children (any person under age 18), illegal activities, and any posting on public social media which portrays the volunteer as irresponsible or inappropriate for this volunteer role.  Volunteers must uphold the HIS KIDS Code of Conduct and comply with HIS KIDS policies including HR policies, Confidentiality, Policy Against Harassment, Volunteer Code of Conduct, HIPAA Privacy Compliance, and HIS KIDS Social media behavior guidelines.

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